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I know you, I see you.

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One of the things we did with that is that originally, the lab scenes were supposed to be her teach in a university and I didn’t want her to be seen in real life, particularly. I felt like the way we’d created this character was a bit extreme, a bit more extreme than usual and therefore to put her in real life, you’d see the contrast and it wouldn’t work. I wanted people to question, “How does she exist in the real world?” Because she’s not real, really. She’s slightly otherworldly. I think it’s quite nice that she’s kept as an enigma, quite mysterious. We played around with the image of her as well. The obvious choice was to go scrubbed-clean and slightly geeky, but I thought that she’s actually somebody you do a double take at on the street because she’s so striking. She wants to be seen. She wants to be acknowledged. But then you’d never see her again. It’s that kind of person who’s almost untouchable and quite scary and cold and Ice Queen-ish. And she uses her femininity. She uses her sexuality. She toys with men and with women. She actually constructs an image that she thinks will attract women and men and then she can manipulate them. And we based that look on the 1940s femme fatales. She’s got the hair and the pencil skirts, like Lana Turner.

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ugh sometimes i wish things i’ve started in my drafts would just automatically bloom into existence

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Everything is offensive if you think about it hard enough!

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Anonymous asked: do you happen to have any harry potter or doctor who fic recs? I have a huge urge to read a great fic and your taste is usually in top form, so any recommendations?

do you have any ship preferences, oh anon of mine? :D